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 Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com

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PostSubject: Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com   Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 7:17 pm

Hey... you want pivot? k then download
its fun like this..<--

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com 6a

Some kind pivots thats make you fun like this
Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com My%20first%20pivot

? want to download..?
Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a animating program in which you move 'joints' of an object to get fluent motion. basically, heres how a picture looks like, including descriptions. The downloads are all the way at the bottom of this post.

Note: Anything yellow means there are differences between versions, and scroll down to view them.

NOTE: Anything red means that it needs further explanation, so scroll down to see them.

heres the basics to help you out:
Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Dive

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com PWithNe

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Ngbbs45c9005bc3645

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Ngbbs455e826a753a0

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Ngbbs4587f90932c50

Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com Ngbbs4587f95f67564
Then you see? some kind of cool pivots?

Lets start out with the buttons
PLAY- Plays your animation.
STOP- Stops your animation.
FPS- This isn't labeled, but its the scroll bar next to PLAY/STOP, it tells you how fast the animation should go.
REPEAT CHECKBOX- Makes your animation repeat once it hits the end.
ADD FIGURE- Scroll down For its use
DELETE- Deletes the currently selected stick figure
EDIT- Allows you to edit the currently selected stickfigure
CENTER- Centers your stickfigure to the middle of page (you'll see why it helps)
FLIP- Reverses the stick's position
COLOR- Changes the color of the stickfigure
###- The numbers next to 'Colour' indicate the size of the stickfigure.
FRONT- Sends the stickfigure in front of all the others (useful if they overlap)
BACK- Sends the stickfigure all the way to the back, behind everything else.
NEXT FRAME- Lets you continue on with your next frame of animation

Now we'll go for the menus:
Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com 6cfw26d

NEW- Creates a new Animation Do***ent (known as a .piv file)
OPEN ANIMATION- Lets you open a previously made animation
SAVE ANIMATION- Lets you save your current animation
LOAD BACKGROUND- Lets you upload a background onto the animation
CLEAR BACKGROUND- Lets you clear the current background
LOAD FIGURE TYPE-Lets you browse for stickfigures in your files, allowing you to use them in the current animation
LOAD SPRITE- Allows you to load a .bmp format sprite (ONLY PIVOT 3)
CREATE FIGURE TYPE- Lets you create a stickfigure to add to your animation
EXIT- Exits you out of Pivot
STICKFIGURE- In this animation, they are the stick people with the spots on them
JOINTS- They allow your stick to move independant parts of the actual object. (View Active and Inactive Joints below)
CENTER JOINT- The orange joint moves the actual stickfigure around, like moving the whole stick left or right.
ONION SKIN- This shows you what location the stick was BEFORE in the previous frame.
FRAME- Allows you to see (and click on) different frames of the animation.

ADD FIGURE/LOAD FIGURE TYPE- To add a figure type onto your animation that isn't in the dropdown menu on the lefthand side, you have to load a figure type by clicking 'FILE'. once you open that file, it will automatically be added onto the animation screen, and it will ALSO be added to a temporary place in that animation only, which is located in the drop down menu. therefore, once you open a file by browsing for it, you can add it again, just by looking for it in the drop down menu.

CENTER- If you are animating, and the stickfigures' central joint goes off screen, there is no way to 'grab ahold of' your stickfigure to bring him somewhere else. click 'CENTER' to bring your stickfigure back into central position to grab it again and re-place it wherever you need it.

.PIV FILE- a .PIV file is the actual file a 'pivot' is made on. HOWEVER, if you want that file posted on forums such as these, you must save it as a .GIF file. a .GIF file can be chosen by the dropdown menu next to 'file type' when you are about to save an animation.

ACTIVE/INACTIVE JOINTS- do NOT confuse these with Static/Dynamic joints. click on the joint of a stickfigure (if there is more than one) and its joints will turn red (excluding central joint). when the joints are red, it shows you that whatever you change [size, rotation, flip, center, etc] will affect THAT stick. all other stickfigure's joints will become blue, showing that they are not currently selected as your current stickfigure.

1-CREATE STICK SEGMENT - allows you to add a segment to a previous one
2-CREATE CIRCULAR SEGMENT- allows you to add a circular segment to a previous segment
3-ALTERNATION- Allows you to switch your current segment between a circle or a line
4-THICKNESS- Changes the thickness of the stickfigure
5-DUPLICATE- Duplicates the current selected segment
6-STATIC/DYNAMIC- Changes whether the segment is static or dynamic (READ LAST 2 BULLETS)
7-DELETE SEGMENT- Deletes the current segment. [REMEMBER: if the segment is between two other segments, it cannot be deleted. you must delete the segment on either end first]
8-SEGMENT STATS- Shows you the thickness, length, and whether its dynamic or static, including angle
CURRENT- Your current selected Segment that you are working on.
STATIC- Static means that when the stickfigure is added onto the animation, that joint will not be movable. the joint 'dot] will not appear either
DYNAMIC- Opposite of static
OPTION > EDIT MODE- Edit mode allows you to lengthen a stick quickly just by clicking and dragging. remember to uncheck it when you dont need it, because you cannot rotate a segment when you are on edit mode.

BACKGROUNDS- Pivot 3 can have switchable backgrounds throughout the animation. Pivot 2 can only have one background throughout it.
CLEAR BACKGROUND- Pivot 3 does not have this function. instead, there is a drop down menu [exactly like the stickfigure dropdown menu] and to clear the background, just select 'white back'.
ADD FIGURE- Pivot 3 doesn't have this button. just click on the stick you want from the drop down menu and it'll appear on screen.
SPRITES- Only available on Pivot 3
SEGMENT STATS- only Pivot 3 has the ability to view the angle of the segment which you have selected.


here are the links to pivot:

VERSION 2.2.5: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/stickfigure.html

VERSION 3: http://files.filefront.com/Pivot_3_B.../fileinfo.html

chances are you'll need some stick figures as well. go here:

http://www.droidz.org <<<place to get stick figures

http://www.droidz.org/forum <<another place to get em

http://www.darkdemon.org <<you'll find the best animators here, and you may also find links to other pivot sites/forums
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Free Pivot at www.forgameslife.forumotion.com
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